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Courses Designed/Offered

Over the past several years I have designed and offered several courses centering on the intersections of technology and culture in the humanities.

Practicum in Blended and Online Learning

A 3cr. graduate course providing students an opportunity to study online and hybrid learning models and apply them to a course of their choice. Students work with a faculty member and develop the structure and sample modules for their course. This course is taught each fall semester. Recent syllabus from FS17

Technology and Culture in Detroit

A 3cr. undergraduate which engages students in studying how Detroit is/has been a hub for technology and culture over time and connects them with cultural institutions in the area to do project-based work.

Detroit in Context

This 1cr. module is a companion to the Urban Studio program launched during the 2015-16 school year and helps students to understand the historical context of Detroit and surrounding areas in order aid in their experiential work as a part of the Urban Studio program.

Pathways to Entrepreneurship

A 1cr. companion course to the Pathways to Entrepreneurship initiative we run each summer. This course has students studying the practical aspects of entrepreneurship in the context of their own projects.

Creativity and Entertainment in Los Angeles

This 2 cr. study away course brings student to Los Angeles during spring break for a high intensity week of networking and studying the entertainment industry from a technology and consumer experience perspective.

Digital Humanities Application Development

This course is a 1 cr. module which helps students develop skills in web application development for digital humanities projects. The course takes place over 10 weeks and students study the theories and methods of application development while producing an application of their own design.